Stock up on COVID-19 tests while you still can


Stock up on COVID-19 tests while you still can

The United States COVID-19 emergency is ending on May 11, 2023. So this event will impact a lot of services that some Americans have come rely on many of which were free out of pocket.

One of the bigger “free” out of pocket items for most citizens is the ability to request through your insurance 8 free COVID-19 self tests per month, per person on your policy.

One such way to request these free tests is from now until May 11th, 2023 using a portal such as CVS’s.

You submit your insurance information on this portal, and in most cases you will be allowed to get free COVID-19 self tests. These tests are typically ready for pickup pretty quickly, and unlike picking up a prescription they are typically at the front of the store register.

If you start ordering now, likely you could get 4 months of supplies ordered for free.

Good luck and stay safe!