Gleem Toothbrush Review is it a worth upgrade


Gleem Toothbrush Review is it a worthy upgrade?

The Proctor and Gamble Gleem brand has been around since the 1950’s originally as a toothpaste brand.

It sold for decades until it was discontinued in the late 2010’s. But the product design engineers and marketing professionals at Proctor and Gamble clearly were not giving up on Gleem.

They dropped during the Pandemic a very affordable electric toothbrush that uses ultra sonic pulses to help clean your teeth.

The tooth brushes come in a couple of varieties.

Gleem Rechargeable series

The commonly found version in stores is the battery operated one. Typically in colors of Black, White, or a mint green.

These have replaceable brush heads which are typically around $5 each.

This product is positioned to take on head to head the Colgate hum electric toothbrush product.

that has been available for a number of years on a subscription basis.

We should mention our go to toothpaste around these parts is the Sensodyne Pronamel series toothpaste.

What we love about the Gleem toothbrush.


Start up packages can be found for around $20-50

These typically include a brush power unit, travel case and a year supply of brush heads.


The unit itself is pretty quiet while in operation so it isn’t a concern to wake or disturb light sleepers you may live with, or drive yourself crazy while using it.

Small brush head

If you have a smaller mouth, or challenging small pocketed areas in your mouth you know you can’t get a giant brush head in those spots. We have a tough spot ourselves and this brush head can navigate to that spot flawlessly.

Quality of brushing

We made the switch after using conventional tooth brushes as a way to add some extra protection during the Pandemic, and part of overall health. While we didn’t think we were doing a “bad job” of brushing before the Gleem product made an immediate improvement to a much smoother tooth feel. Akin to the 6 month dentist cleaning.

The brush it very simple to use, click the only button and the light will turn on, and brush will start with it’s ultrasonic buzzing. It also makes a pulse every thirty seconds to help you pace your brushing to switch parts of your mouth.

A top issue that many people have is they brush, are tired, don’t necessarily count their time brushing and say ehhhh good enough. It’s fine, and move on with their day. The Gleem keeps you going for a full 2 minutes, and sometimes you may even find yourself at the end saying is that really it?

It doesn’t have to be the end, you can press the power button to go another round of needed. Additionally if you really only do need a quick spot cleaning you can turn the Gleem brush off at any time by pressing the power button.

Travels nice

The Gleem start up bundle kits all seem to come with a nice travel case, which if we didn’t high light enough above the entire package of the Gleem brush, and travel case is small and light.

It makes for a nice travel companion.

Batteries last long

We’ve been using these units for around six months at this point and well our batteries are still going strong from the original package. The units use a triple A battery which is pretty common, and affordable.

Gleem also sells a rechargeable model which given how affordable the battery units are, and how long the batteries last seems completely over the top, and unnecessary to have yet one more plug in device cluttering up your bathroom.

Doesn’t have to be a subscription.

Another advantage we see is that you do not have to be on a subscription to get your replacement heads. These heads are at your normal shopping centers, and if you are like most people you already have subscription overload. With too many subscriptions that are too quick, too slow, or all manage to drop into your billing cycle at the wrong time.

And if Subscriptions are your thing

If you are really disciplined in your usage of subscriptions then you can use the Amazon Subscription feature for the replacement heads.

Gleem also offers on their website a subscription service, but it doesn’t offer any different pricing, and most people have an Amazon account these days already.

Final thoughts on the Gleem Electric Toothbrush

Our Gleem toothbrush review comes after 6 months of daily usage.

We love these brushes, and highly recommend them for anyone on a budget looking for that bridge between a manual toothbrush, and a higher end tooth cleaning device.

What it isn’t there are some reviews out there from people claiming to have stepped down from a $200-300 power tooth brush complaining about it not giving them an amazing mouth feel. That may be true, but the price point of these Gleem brush units is essentially the entire cost of one replacement brush head on the more expensive units.

This product is affordable enough to outfit a small family and keep a stable of replacement brush heads available to cycle through as needed.

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