Juice Is Not Great For You


Fruit Juice is not all that its cracked up to be.

The juice of a fruit is not nearly as beneficial to your body as the whole fruit. The reason orange, grape, apple, etc all taste great because it is mostly sugar. Keep in mind I’m not suggesting that we need to eliminate all of this sugary goodness from our diets. If some OJ with breakfast is your drink of choice then go for it. The problem comes in when we start to treat juice as a replacement for fruits and veggies.

Juicing removes most of the good things about the fruit. The satisfaction of chewing is lost. The fiber that both helps to keep you regular and satiated until the next meal doesn’t carry through the juicing process. Most fiber is not digestible by humans causing it to be a place holder that is eventually removed from the body. Everyone has eaten corn so you know what I’m talking about. Juice unless very pulp laden does not contain fiber that comes close to rivaling what you would get by just eating the fruit itself.

Juice needs to be re-evaluated as part of a healthy diet. Our kids and our waist lines are depending on it. Most things that are convenient are not good for us. A bottle of pop, fast food, etc. Everything in moderation of course however a juice box in your kids lunch is not to terribly different than packing a small bottle of pop. Moderation allows us to have variety but water is king as always for what we should be drinking instead of the convenience drinks, foods, etc.

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