Decaffinate, but ReEnergize


A bad carryover habit that I started while I was working a job I hated for an employer I knew was going to be a mere pitstop was getting my morning Energy Drink.

tower of energy drinks small

I took this with me for two more employers, well because it was my habit. Some of the drinks were like my friends and I liked waking up with them.

When I switched employers I took it upon myself to make some new habits and be a new me. One of these new habits was to abandon my morning Energy Drink. Additionally I worked even harder to quit my almost more critical afternoon lunch or post lunch bottle of pop (yeah Detroit looking at ya) soda for everyone else.

Along the way I figured out that regular plain old bottled water wasn’t doing the job. What I missed was that morning carbonation and fruit flavors. So hearing about the massive popularity of soda water I bought some.

La Croix is now a regular go to staple. They are not without complete guilt free pleasure as they are still very acidic and that is harmful for your teeth just like sugary drinks. So even if you don’t follow through and decaffeinate you should use something like Sensodyne Pronamel to help protect your teeth.

I recommend trying out La Croix Water or even Polar Seltzer Water. Probably the easiest way to get started on the soda water bandwagon is to get a La Croix sample pack

If I’m eating a meal on the go these days I try to find an establishment with a Coke Freestyle Machine (Dairy Queen, Burger King, Qdoba, Five Guys to name a few). These machines typically have Dasani Sparkling water; however often only the Lime flavor is offered. It does fit the bill though, satisfying, no caffeine, and relatively guilt free from calories.

Since you can’t drink La Croix Water or Polar Seltzer Water all the time adapted another new habit of carrying around a case of bottled water I usually pick up for a couple of dollars in my trunk. Drinking plain old water is the real ticket to energizing and feeling better. I typically try to have a few pint bottles of water throughout the day while I’m at work in the office. When you are full of water you are less hungry, and not filling up on drinks that give you the high of caffeine, and the crash of caffeine, where you are tempted to have that afternoon top off drink; which disrupts your nightly sleep.

Additional benefits are you will lose weight from dropping your empty calories of the carbonated sugar water drinks. You’re going to sleep much better, and wake up with a more clear mind, not the caffeine hangover of yesterday’s coffee and energy drinks. Don’t let me fool you if you start this type of absence of a daily caffeinated beverage to start your day, and completely eliminate it from your daily drinks the first couple of days you will have some caffeine withdrawal symptoms like drowsiness, sometimes headaches and generally feel a little cloudy. When you are on that second week though you will feel so much better.