Life… powered by caffeine



Caffeine is sleeps worst nightmare. Sleep is incredibly important. Fact of the matter is that I don’t get the kind of sleep I’m supposed to which is more than likely due to my caffeine habit. Coffee for breakfast to get going, energy drink at lunch to keep going. It’s a viscous circle that I need to break.


It seems that everything these days has a energized version. I found this really interesting website that has the low down on energy levels in just about anything I could think of. Check out Caffeine Informer here.


If you are trying to break a habit like I am hopefully you find this site as interesting as I do. My goal is trying to find a way to step down my intake levels. Still trying to figure that out. However my plan is to first ween off the lunchtime energy drink then work on reducing my coffee intake. The energy drinks you could in theory try to cut out cold turkey however that causes major headaches. This is why I’m going to step down intake with lower and lower caffeine content cans.


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