Sleep deprivation is most likely killing you


Its getting late and as usual I’m trying to figure out if I should prepare for bed or push through my drowsiness and keep tinkering with the computer. In the back of my mind I always have a battle that wages because I know that in the morning its rare that I’m motivated to get stuff done. Its entirely possible this simply is because of my improper sleep schedule. As the saying goes burning the candle at both ends is never good for you because eventually you will burn out.


Sleep Deprivation



Dr. Travis Bradberry has an interesting article on the science of sleep.


These were the key points I took away from the article:

–     Caffeine and sleeping agents inhibit proper sleep.

–      You can’t catch up on sleep.

–      Put yourself in the best possible spot for good rest ie relax, avoid blue light (TV) and be prepared to rest.

–      Try to figure out a consistent schedule and amount of sleep.

–      If all else fails a power nap may be what you need instead of an energy drink.


Read the full article here.


If we do not get good sleep then it has a dramatic affect on our health and work performance. Its interesting that I came across this article while waiting for my new Fit Bit Charge to charge.  The sleep monitoring feature I’m highly interested in just much as the caloric monitoring if not more.