Keep Cancer Away with Apples


applesAn apple a day will keep the doctor away, well at least keep cancer away. Now its official. Study finds that an apple will help keep cancer away.

The American Institute for Cancer Research found that apples have 10% of your daily dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is incredibly important to keep your digestive track clean and moving forward. Your digestive track is a tube from your mouth to your exit. Gross to think about but it stands to reason that if you do not keep this passage clean and free flowing then you stand the chance for bad things to develop. You could akin this to allowing something bad for your car to sit on the paint until it rusts. In the short run it certainly won’t hurt you but if it sits and starts to discolor/destroy part of the lining of this tube then you will be in for a world of hurt.

An apple a day truly will keep the doctor away.

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